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HAUS @ Serangoon Garden


3 Storey + Basement, 5BR, 2 CarPark Lots…

Haus @ Serangoon Gardens Terrace Houses

Haus @ Serangoon Garden Way presents a new glistening jewel in the prestigious enclave of Serangoon Garden, to draw the attention of every passerby yet few can call this a home. Presenting an exclusive terrace housing development with 97 units, HAUS @ Serangoon Garden is nestled within the tranquil low-rise Serangoon Garden residential enclave with a slew of amenities nearby like NEX Shopping Mall, Junction 8, AMK Hub. Where you chose to live must express and compliment your individuality, desires and innermost self. The perfect embodiment of class and luxury set in a vibrant atmosphere, awaiting your very presence.

Haus Actual Site

HAUS @ Serangoon Garden has become the first landed residential estate to achieve theBuidling and Construction Authority’s (BCA’s) top-tier Green Mark Platinum award because the units are equipped with state-of-art green technology for energy & water efficiency to offset the grid electricity consumption by the refrigerator & reduces utility bills.

Haus @ Serangoon Garden Way puts you close to not only nature but also modern conveniences. Enjoy all that life has to offer with major shopping centres all within a short ride from your home. It’s simply an irrestible combination offering the best of both worlds. Cozy up to that someone special or take a refreshing dip in our exquisite swimming pool and Jacuzzi. You may prefer to peacefully comtemplate life in our Serenity Garden or recharge your soul with some yoga in our Yoga Area. Every single façade detail is carefully thought out and integrated to create a conducive, sustainable environment – where both you and nature can grow and flourish in perfect harmony, in one dynamic ecosystem at HAUS.

WHY HAUS @ Serangoon Garden Way?

Features and Attractions

Designed for Energy Efficiency

·      First landed housing estate in Singapore to be equipped with a Photovoltaic (PV) system (using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity) installed on the roof of the houses. The solar energy generated will help to offset the consumption of grid electricity by the refrigerator.

·      Innovative air-conditioner heat recovery system to convert waste heat generated by the air-conditioning unit to provide hot water in the bathrooms.

·      Installation of energy efficient inverter air-conditioning (with 4 Green Ticks Energy Label) with heat recovery capability.

·      Usage of cool roof and hardscape materials which reflects more sunlight.

·      Passive and Low Energy Architectural design and good overall layout orientation (North-South Orientation)

·     Estimated energy saving of up to 40% saving per month for each typical terrce house, depending on their individual lifestyle and utility usage pattern.

·      Enjoy energy savings from the highest “4 ticks” energy-efficicent air-conditioners.

·      Reduce urban heat island effect and heat gain on façade

·      Allow for energy conservation and achieving low Residential Envelope Transmittance Value (RETV)

·      Minimize external heat gain and achieve maximum daylight harvesting

Designed for Water Efficiency

·      First landed housing estate in Singapore to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system on a project-ready basis.

·      Installation of water efficient sanitary fixtures and fittings (certified under PUB’s Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme) such as tap fittings and water closets.

·      Minimize water wastage and increase the overall water efficiency of each house.

·      Total estimated water saving of up to 40% for each ouse, depending on individual consumption pattern.


Other Green Features or Eco-Initiatives

·      Fan points provided at living and dining areas of each house to allow owners to install their own fans.

·      Provide easy access to recuycling facilities with recycling bins located around estate.

·      Installation of eco-plugs to inform residents on the energy consumption of their electrical appliances.

·      Encourage the use of less energy intensive air-cooling appliances

·      Promote recycling amongst occupants.

·      Allow monitoring of energy usage and encourage reduction in energy use by occupants.


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