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Rapid Root®

Rapid Root is a natural rooting gel/cuttings stimulant containing willow bark extract, which stimulates root growth in softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.

Willow bark extract acts on cuttings to induce root initiation, emergence, and growth. Recommended for horticultural and agricultural uses. Not for use on food or feed crops.


Ready to use

Rapid Root can be used in many propagation techniques to increase strike rate and efficiently establish plant clones from cuttings.

Rapid Root comes as a ready-to-use gel, it can be used directly without a need for dilution.


Hormone-free rooting gel

Nutrifield’s Rapid Root is scientifically formulated to be faster and more effective than most conventional gels whilst remaining hormone-free.


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Available in

  • Size: 5L 5L
  • Size: 1L 1L
  • Size: 500ml 500ml
  • Size: 250ml 250ml
  • Size: 10ml 10ml