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Auto3 XL

Auto3 XL offers a compact, flexible growing solution to commercial producers and independent hobby horticulturists alike.

Though it was commercial demands that brought tray systems into being, we always believed that the same requirements existed for individual growers everywhere.

Now even home growers with limited space can enjoy the benefits of a space-saving, ultra low-maintenance AutoPot tray system. Auto3 XL packs three 25L solid pots or three 18.9L fabric

SmartPots into a single tray and lid assembly measuring 1145mm x 385mm.

  • Compact tray for flexible positioning
  • Increased pot count per sq metre
  • Ideal for hobby or commercial use

Auto3 XL is available with the no-cost option of fabric SmartPots which allow oxygen exchange in the substrate and facilitate air-pruning.

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